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Tree Trimming

Maintaining the health and integrity of a tree is contingent on routine pruning and periodic inspections. It is essential to establish a schedule of checkups and trimming to ensure your tree limbs do not become weakened, compromised, or malformed - failure to do so can result in tree/property damage as well as the increased potential for injury. Regardless if it’s just general overgrowth or if your tree is battling an infestation of parasites, our licensed arborists are the solution to any of your tree trimming problems. Listed below are some of the many reasons you may need to seek out the assistance of our seasoned veterans:

Reasons For Limb Removal

  • Disease (it is sometimes necessary to sever some of the tree’s limbs in order to prevent the infestation from spreading).
  • Obstruction (it is a very real safety hazard when your driveway, window, sidewalk, roof, and street are inaccessible due to a tree running rampant).
  • Shaping (aspiring for that uniform or symmetrical look with your trees, but it’s proving difficult with it being patchy and underexposed to sunlight).

Lot & Land Clearing

Largely why our lot clearing services are so memorable is our twofold dedication to our world-class customer service and our attention to detail. When our experts visit, assess, and clear your lot, they do so with years of experience and industrial-grade equipment at their disposal. By never cutting corners or leaving before any minute traces of shrubbery, detritus or foliage are indiscernible, every lot clearing project we undertake results in our customer’s absolute satisfaction. Furthermore, we are supportive of going green so any clippings or cleanings we obtain from your lot are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner to promote renewal and aid in replenishing the earth. Now that your lot has been studiously cleared, it un-paves the way for a wealth of options:

Reasons For Lot/Land Clearing

  • Garden (your wild tangle of land can now be home to a lushly bountiful flower or vegetable garden).
  • Conversion (with your lot’s slate now wiped clean, there are options for a putting green or a field dedicated for the kids’ sports).
  • Expansion (upgrade your newly-cultivated lot into that guest house you and the family have always wanted).

Tree Clearing

In order to provide our clients adequately, we do offer services that range more in just the tree clearing aspect as opposed to simple trimming or elaborate grinding or entire lot clearing. With our tree clearing service, we keep it as seamless and smooth as possible with minimal delays. Additionally, we’ve become known for our stellar cleanup services and property restoration after we've cleared a tree. If you’re like many of our other clients in the Salinas, CA communities, chances are your tree services will extend past a simple tree clearing so we always encourage our future and existing customers to take advantage of our wide-range services and combine them. This not only saves you money, but it also streamlines your project as well! We guarantee our services and will go out of our way to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

Stump Grinding

Following a tree’s removal after being cut down, the byproduct that is left over is that unsightly, garish stump. Unless you’re planning on converting the stump into some sort of throne, it’s probably in your best interest to have the stump addressed or removed. With that in mind, there are typically two ways a stump issue is assessed and approached: complete extraction or grinding the stump. While we do offer both services with equal expertise, it is generally recommended to grind the stump as opposed to digging it out, carving up the root system, and defacing your property. Grinding the stump is not only faster and usually less expensive, but it also has the added benefit of being less invasive on your land while reintroducing sustenance to the area’s soil. If you have any additional questions about expected service times for stump grinding or would like to schedule an assessment, please feel free to reach out to us!

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